Thursday, November 30, 2006

Congratulations to the new retirees!

Congratulations, Dad!
Today my dad is officially retired from National Grid (formerly Niagara Mohawk)! Congratulations to Mom, too, because all of us wives understand that it is an accomplishment for us, too, to survive the years of running the ship at home while our husbands work elsewhere!

My parents are preparing to move to their home in Florida -- a dream they have had for as long as I can remember. On to sunshine, palm trees, pools, and the only snow you experience being on Christmas cards and the Weather Channel!

We love you guys very much and are grateful that the Lord has brought you to this exciting time in your lives. Congratulations!


Debbie Griffin said...

I'm still here!!! I just haven't posted in a while. I tried the other day and it got bogged down trying to upload the pics so I gave up!

Congratulations Mom and Dad Minota!!! (sp?) Retirement seems so far away, but such a sweet thought! :-)

shannon said...

Wow! They now join my parents in the group of retirees! I think it is exciting & kind of sad at the same time, as all change is, for me at least (you remember how I am)!

Are they selling their home here in NY or will they have both?

Marsel said...

They are selling the farm -- they have an offer pending right now. It was sad to say goodbye to the farm, but we are so excited for them at the same time!