Monday, November 20, 2006

Fun moments in the midst of the busyness!

We had a nice weekend in spite of 'stuff' to do -- we even found some time for the kids to play with Daddy in the leaf pile (which is now a guy-sized leaf pile, by the way -- no more small but respectable Mommy-sized raked pile -- now it is a massive pile made by Daddy and the blower!). Abigail has learned how to open doors by herself now and today she figured out how to climb into the toy closet and hide so that we can play peek-a-boo (over and over and over...!). I got another reminder today of how miraculous it is to be able to hear -- we were getting groceries and David just was NOT hearing most of what I was saying to him, and I could tell it was 'couldn't' (as opposed to 'wouldn't'!). I began to get that familiar tightness in my gut that accompanies the dawning suspicion of another loss, compounded because Miss RaDora is on vacation this week (if you read this, RaDora, have a great week and give your mom a hug from us!). Anyway, suddenly I thought to check his battery and it was dead! Usually he hears the low-battery beep and tells me, so we avert disaster, but he didn't notice it this time. So out came a spare battery from my purse (we don't go anywhere without them!) and when I put it back in and asked him if that was better, he got the same slow-spreading, beaming smile that he did the first time we turned on his HAs. There we were in the middle of the jam-packed grocery store, but for a moment or two, the world shrank to just the two of us and that special connection...not to mention that he listened to me much better for the rest of the shopping trip! ...if you're interested, there are more leaf pile pictures on our photo gallery site (see the link on the sidebar at the left side of the page).

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Debbie Griffin said...

There's little like that special grin a little boy saves just for his Mamma when she's done something for him that no one else can! I love that story!