Saturday, November 04, 2006

David's first real violin

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, David has long been fascinated with violins. We have been planning to get one for him soon, but in light of his recent rapid hearing loss, we decided that sooner was better than later! So when Bruce got home last night, we opened the package... soon as David saw the case, he knew what was inside...

...and after being VERY patient waiting for Daddy and Mommy to figure out how to get the thing working, he got to play it, and the smiles were absolutely precious!


Debbie Griffin said...

What a specal treat! I'm sure David was ecstatic!!! Can't wait for you to add some video clip or something so we can experience what it's like to have a 5 year old violinist in the house!!!

And by the have to admit Badowski did have the bedside manner of a bed pan!!! And the "stupid" didn't necessarily go along with the "Polish" :-)

Kelly said...

I am enjoying so much being able to keep up with my lil cousin's family! Great idea "celery"!