Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today's hearing update

Another impromptu visit to the audiologist -- and another loss for both kids. David's we suspected, which was why we went, but the amount of Abigail's loss left us a little shell-shocked. It was a pretty major amount of loss in both ears. The 'joy' of this disorder...there is no rhyme or reason to the loss -- and hence, no ability to predict when, how much, etc. As did David at this age, Abigail compensates very well and it is harder to tell when her loss has progressed. Our illustrious Miss RaDora squeezed us into her already-crammed schedule for the hearing check and will see the kids again tomorrow to adjust their HAs (today we saw her in the alternate office, which does not have all of the specialized equipment like the main office does). What would we do without her?! After this last Thursday's hearing check and blog post, Bruce and I were discussing the difficult journey of a CI that is ahead and how grateful we are that our kids have an audiologist they adore, and one who truly cares about them...then we started to reflect on the amazing way that the Lord started directing our steps toward having our kids in RaDora's care, long before we knew or suspected that the kids had any hearing issues. Maybe someday I will put it all down in a post to share with you all -- it really is incredible! It is also comforting, as we continue this unpredictable roller coaster of hearing loss, to know that our heavenly Father is in control and will care for us each step of the way, even though we can't see the way ahead. Well anyway, enough profound thoughts for today. I should get busy catching up on the stuff that I wasn't here to get done this morning and won't be here to do tomorrow morning, either!
Since I have no pictures to correspond with today's adventures, I thought I would include one of my favorite pictures this year, of Abigail ready for her very first Sunday school class. It was taken in early June.

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