Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday update

Ahh, the end to another week and a Saturday to enjoy spending time with Bruce. As for the painting project, it's coming along nicely. The first wall is done and that furniture is back where it belongs. It looks great, even if I do say so myself! The color is perfect. The second coat of edging is done all the way around, and now I am ready for Bruce to pull the desk etc out from the wall so that I can tackle the rest. While we were riding in the car today (I thought we finally had an at-home day, but David lost a piece to his HAs and we couldn't find it anywhere, and the HA won't work without it, so we went down to pick one up...and of course, then he found the original one this afternoon!!! ...but the new one fits tighter, so it's okay...sigh...!), David was apparently examining his body in the bright sunlight coming in the window, because he excitedly yelled, "Mommy! There's hair growing on my legs! ...And on my hands!" We recently had a discussion about Daddy's hairy legs and hands and how David will look like that when he's a man...apparently he is anxiously awaiting the day! (...Just for the record, Daddy and Mommy hope the time goes by slowly!) Today David said "sleep" with all of the correct sounds -- that's a big one to conquer (say it slowly and notice how much you have to use your tongue and lip muscles, in several different positions) and it was very exciting to hear it. Consider that he pronounced it "beep" several months ago and you see how far we've come. He has all of the consonant+'l' blends down (pl, bl, cl, etc) almost 100%, without cues from us. Gaining the s, sh, ch, and l sounds have made it SO much easier for other people to understand him. His 'th' is spotty (he substitutes 's' for 'th' now) but it's coming along well and I don't think it will be long before that's on the 'conquered' list, too. I literally can't help but smile when I listen to him talking. It's just incredible to see how much he has progressed! Abigail is sick with another cold/sore throat bug -- she has a nasty cough this time and I am hoping that it doesn't interfere with everyone's sleep tonight! She sure is cute, though, even with a runny nose and drool on her chin. :-) Oh, she said her first 'independent' plural today, adding the "s" on the end of the word all by herself. Her language has skyrocketed in the last week. Daddy is no longer "Daddn" (she pronounced all of her "ee" sounds as "nn" before she got her HAs, and "Daddn" has stuck while the rest of them got corrected). It was very exciting...and very sad, all at the same time! She sounds so grown up when she says "Daddy" now! Well, I should wrap it up before I make this post WAY too long...hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy time with your families.

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