Friday, November 03, 2006

Another hearing check...

...another visit to Miss RaDora! That is the good part about visiting the audiologist...David has loved her right from our first visit, so it's always a treat for him to go see her! David had another check yesterday and had another loss in both ears. It's only been a week since our last check, so this is three weeks in a row that he has had measurable loss in only a week's time. We have an appointment scheduled for two weeks from yesterday and are hoping we can make it until then without an 'emergency' appointment...that would be nice! We were not able to get his FM system yesterday as it is on backorder from the company, so we are anxiously awaiting its arrival. To the right is a picture of Abigail "playing the violin". David has loved violins from early on and has been using two hangers to "play the violin" since he was little. His sister has now learned the skill, as well, and is very serious about it. If David interrupts her by touching her "violin" or singing loudly to mess up the song she is "playing", she has a conniption! He, of course, loves the reaction he gets...and you can picture the scene that follows!

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