Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trying to recuperate

Abigail appears to have the nasty version of this virus...she and I have been up since just after 4 this morning...her fever is up over 102 and she is coughing like she might lose a lung...poor baby! Thankfully, Motrin helped bring the fever down enough that she is comfortable enough to sit with a book. She's trying valiantly to be sweet and cheerful (as you can see in the picture below), but Mommy sees through it to the pitifully sick little girl!Last evening we put Abigail to bed and then David and I went to the library, got a sandwich at Chick-Fil-A (had a coupon for a free one!), and then we had some time at the pool. He's been very patient throughout this long ordeal of illness, during which he's hardly had any undivided attention or swimming time. It has been quite unlike the summer days we had planned, which were to include daily picnic lunches and swimming, time to play with friends and lots of outside time. It's been a long few weeks, especially for a high-energy seven year old boy, and he's been a trooper! Anyway, it was nice to spend the time with him, and it was good for him to have a change of pace...we got almost three dozen books at the library, talked a lot without interruption, had the pool to ourselves, and then he slept until almost eight this morning...and now we're all reaping the rewards of a trip to the library!I'm planning to can beans, fold laundry, and sew today, along with tending my sick girl. Hopefully we'll have a peaceful day!


Delighted Hands said...

So hard to see her sick; glad you had time with David-good mommy.

Debbie Griffin said...

I am sorry to hear Abigail's so sick. It is such a hard thing to be so sick! Daniel goes to camp for the first time next week...I'm looking forward to some special Hannah Mommy time. Think he'd mind if I sent Sarah along in his suitcase?!?