Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Day of transition

Hi again everyone...I know I'm terribly behind on blogging; that's one 0f the things I plan to catch up in the next few days! Not today (Bruce works at home on Wednesdays and therefore I am computerless except for brief email checks), but soon! My mom left yesterday and I was feeling (not unexpectedly) quite blue...not only was she a huge help, but we thoroughly enjoy each other's company and I miss her a lot after she leaves. But yesterday morning my friend Danielle called and invited us to a local beach with her and her girls. I had to decline, since driving is still not a good thing for me, but instead of accepting my decline, she came and picked us up instead! I was very thankful...I was sorely in need of a good distraction from my sadness...and we had a lovely time together besides. It was a hot, sunny day, the water felt wonderful, and the beach was mostly unpopulated...perfect!


RaDora said...

That's awesome!!! Where did y'all go? Maybe when I practice open water swims, y'all can come cheer me on :)

cj and family said...

How special! :o) That's sounds like a wonderful pick-me-up! (And glad you're going to be rejoining the blogging world!) :o)