Thursday, June 04, 2009


David and one of his "science experiments"...they always involve lots of messes (er, I mean, supplies), but it's fun to hear his hypotheses and explanations! Besides, I remember well how often my mom tolerated my childhood "experiments" -- and she even made me feel like they were worthwhile -- even when it meant that I was cluttering her freezer with Dixie cups full of water with objects frozen inside. :) This particular experiment of David's was one of dyeing yarn and paper (the "dyeing" was actually just observing how the colors turned darker when wet!).This is part of a Lincoln Log village he built a couple of weeks ago. He wanted to take a picture for the blog. He always has a million ideas and runs from one thing to the next "creating"...this summer we are working on the principle of cleaning up the first creation before running to create the next one...he much prefers to leave the first one behind for me to clean up, but we're working on it!He experimented with the camera before he returned it to me...That's my boy!


RaDora said...

I love the picture he took of himself! He's a pretty smart one.

Delighted Hands said...

Keeping up with David is like being a storm chaser! You can see the gears moving when you look in his eyes.

cj and family said...

He must keep you hopping for sure! And here I thought toddlers kept me busy!!!