Friday, June 05, 2009

Reorganizing, inside and outside

Just in case you wondered what it looks like under the washing machine when your husband pulls it out for the first time in six years...yuck!
"After" is much nicer!!!I don't have "before" pictures of today's other major reorganization projects, but at the very least, my mom will notice the difference from what they looked like when she was here! Laundry areaEntertainment center cabinet I am thoroughly enjoying clearing out clutter, organizing our things, and throwing away all of the extraneous junk that never fails to collect and multiply! In outside business, I planted the aloe plant my dad sent me... Deadheaded my climbing roses and tied up the new canes... (see my white lavender almost ready for harvest?)Planted another flower near the mailbox... I also deadheaded all of my other roses and did a bunch of weeding...yes, I overdid it a bit and am sore for it tonight, but I am encouraged by the level of (my physical) improvement that I am seeing! The kids stayed busy today with their usual is David in the robot costume he built (and he even asked permission before he got out the supplies, and cleaned everything up after he was done -- yay David!)


cj and family said...

Looks good! :o) That was one of advantage of moving--kind of forced me to go through stuff--I'm growing a garage sale pile!

Delighted Hands said...

Yippee! It is a good path you are on-clean on! Love the results and thrilled David was responsible-there is hope!