Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mom to the rescue!

For those of you not already aware, I've been having some health troubles...I got sick with a bad kidney infection a few weeks ago, and ended up having a severe reaction to the antibiotic I was taking. It caused temporary nerve damage as well as inflammation of quite a few tendons. We were very thankful that the nerve issues abated within days of going off the medication, but the tendons take longer to heal (4-6 weeks for complete recovery, although I am already very much improved from the original pain level). That was why my mom came up to help -- because how in the world does a woman manage the prescribed rest for healing (limited walking, no bending/squatting/lifting, no stairs...) when she has two young kids (who make lots of messes!) and a two story house?! Mom to the rescue, that's how! Not only was my mom a HUGE help with day to day housework, as well as driving us everywhere we needed to go, she also helped me with some MAJOR cleaning-out projects...not to mention the fact that we just enjoy each other's company so very much. After a visit like this, I always think longingly of the Amish lifestyle in regards to the way the families typically stay in close proximity and mothers and their married daughters often share work projects...I would love to have that opportunity to regularly work alongside my mom in peaceful companionship! I'm so very thankful for a mom who is also one of my dearest is not something I take for granted. It was also nice for the kids to have some undivided Grandma-attention. She fed them constantly, read to them, played with them, subjected herself to their ministrations, and did craft projects with them.
Here they are doing an early-morning loom project together.
We conquered my mending basket, fixing whatever was worth it, throwing away things that weren't, and turning other things into newer, grander articles of clothing. And of course, the cats helped with this project.Unfortunately, I have almost no pictures of my mom -- probably because I was too busy cracking the whip instead of holding a camera. :) I do, however, have way too many pictures of her adorable kitten Nyki!!!Nyki is so much fun! She loves these furry little mice and she plays fetch like a dog -- it's the craziest thing! She plays and plays and usually we get tired of it before she does. She likes complicated retrievals -- if a throw lands in the middle of the room with no challenging obstacle, Nyki will only bring the mouse partway back, as if punishing the thrower for their poor throw. But if it's a good, challenging retrieval, she will bring it back and drop it on the thrower's foot! ~
Thank you so very much, Mom. Words just don't cut it. And thank you so very much, too, Dad, for willingly sharing Mom for so long, and being patient every time we extended her return date. It was a huge blessing in so many ways! We love you both! We look forward to seeing both of you in a few weeks during your regularly-scheduled, just-for-fun visit!!!


Delighted Hands said...

Our relationship is a gift in so many ways.......loved our time together! And like every proud Mama, I am glad to share Nyki with you , too!

cj and family said...

The blessing of family just can't be mneasured!