Saturday, June 13, 2009

The carpet is clean...but the inhabitants are walking petri dishes!

Wow, here we are on summer break and I'm still getting behind on posting! Oh is a smorgasbord of the rest of the week! Wednesday we got together with a friend I haven't seen in about ten years, who has now moved to this area. I took my camera, but unfortunately...forgot to take pictures. Whoops. We had a great time and picked up right where we left off, as it were, and I'm glad to have reconnected! When we got home Wednesday afternoon, David fell asleep, and when he woke up he was running a high fever. He has the cold/bronchitis thing that's going around...the one my mom has...yuck. Bruce started it Thursday morning; he's slowly gotten worse until now he's coughing like crazy, and he woke me up early this morning to check his pulse and, sure enough, he was in a-fib. He came out of it shortly thereafter, but we're keeping a close eye on it. I'm glad it's Saturday so that I can nurse him and keep him resting all day. He and David sound like they're trying to cough a concert! Thursday afternoon the carpet cleaners came. I have decided that (yes, Mom, you were right) the Quaker look makes it a lot easier to keep a tidy house. I think I just might let everyone pick two or three items to keep and everything else can go. :) See how tidy it is with everything out...even most of the furniture?!The carpets look so much better! Eventually we plan to replace it with hardwood, but there's a lot of area to cover and won't be a cheap project, so in the meantime we're trying to coax the carpet into looking somewhat decent. Word of wisdom...if you ever move to Georgia, DON'T get ivory carpet! Ours came with the house and I thought it was so lovely when we moved in, but with our red dirt, no matter how careful we are, it's bound to get nasty, especially with a dog and two kids. (If you've never experienced our red clay-dirt in person, here's some insight: during school this year, David was drawing a picture and was trying to decide what color crayon was closest to the color of dirt -- he was so excited when he found a near-perfect match -- heavily-applied burnt orange!)
The kids camped out on my bed while the carpets were drying. They watched a bunch of Rocky & Bullwinkle on the computer and enjoyed the unconventional setup of their own little island!
While they watched, I managed to sneak in a few minutes to read and relax...but Abigail got the camera and caught me!Abigail liked the extra space for dancing!David (who has been fully clothed and wrapped in a blanket, as well as not very hungry, both of which are signs of just how sick he is!) wanted homemade waffles for dinner on Thursday, so Abigail helped me make them, and she even got to do the beater all by herself for the very first time.
Yesterday Karen came over and we sewed. I finally did some more work on my current quilting project and then did some handsewing-mending. It was a peaceful and pleasant day...between our two schedules, it has been quite a while since we got together for a sewing day and I've missed it. I think that catches us up...and now I'm off to soothe fevered brows and pour more water down hacking, coughing gullets...!


Delighted Hands said...

Pace yourselves........this isn't a quick trip! The carpets look lovely!

cj and family said...

I'm sorry to hear David and Bruce are sick! :o( We'll be praying for you! Make sure you and Abigail stay healthy!