Sunday, March 29, 2009

My surgery and recuperation-weekend

Well, we had Wednesday to enjoy with my parents before my surgery on Thursday. My mom and I used the time to take apart my Viking sewing machine and tweak a part that wasn't working right. My mother is very brave...I wouldn't have attempted this on my own...but once we got started, it was fascinating and fun to see the "guts"! ...and the machine is fixed, now, too, which is a nice bonus. :)My mother also encouraged me to use the nervous energy I had to accomplish something I finished a quilt top (all but the borders). (Sorry for the dumb picture, but it's not ready for its unveiling yet...this is just proof that I did something!)The surgery went well. They didn't find the endometriosis we were expecting, which is both good and bad news. More on that after my post-op appt in a couple of weeks, when we have a game plan again. My recovery was certainly helped by my parents being here to help run the show (...thanks, Dad and Mom!), and Bruce has taken over nicely today. It was also nice to have snuggles from my kiddos...well, the gentle snuggles were nice, at least. :) Below is a picture of one of those nice snuggles on Thursday night -- sorry I look so ridiculous in it, but I'd just had surgery a few hours before and I was drugged up and worn out! David fell asleep hugging me like this. I was also entertained by the animals. My cat goes into hiding when my mom brings her cats, but my mom's kitten Nyki discovered the joy of a heating pad and so she sat with me a few times. When Nyki wasn't sleeping, trying valiantly to figure out how to taste the goldfish, or otherwise entertaining us, she was busy bullying our wussy-dog. All she had to do was look at him and do this funny machine-gun-spit noise and the dog cowered. When Nyki really needed some fun, she'd meander near the dog's bed while he tried to shrink and disappear. It was great entertainment for the rest of us! And I've actually accomplished something while I've been the crafting world, this is referred to as a "UFO" -- an UnFinished Object. I sewed and quilted it this past autumn but never got the binding sewn on, so it had been unceremoniously stuffed in the UFO pile. I'm not usually very good at going back and finishing UFOs, but this was a perfect opportunity and I took advantage of it. Now this table runner is finished and will be tucked away, ready to be a new and exciting decoration this fall! I'm feeling okay now, although still very sore -- rather like a big, strong man punched me in the stomach -- but I'm hoping to wake up in the morning feeling almost normal...after all, it's the beginning of a new week and I have the world to conquer! :)

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Delighted Hands said...

Good outlook for Monday morning!
Yes, we do manage to have adventures when we get together , don't we!?! It was a nice time in spite of you sleeping so much..........