Thursday, March 05, 2009

David quirks

After my recent post about Abigail's quirks, I thought I'd follow up with one about David, too! David is our social butterfly. Bruce and I could walk into a room of a hundred people and gladly sit on our own in the corner and not talk to anyone. David, however, is the polar opposite in that regard. He is my dad reincarnated in this dad has never met a stranger, so to speak, and David is the same way. (My grandma tells me that my great-grandpa was the same way, too, so maybe David got both families' genes!) The meter-reader or the UPS driver are considered welcome company in David's book. Here he is "helping" the Allgood guy, who was here to check our termite traps. David followed him around, asked him a million questions, and told him all sorts of things I'm sure he wanted to know. Today our neighbor across the way was washing down his gooseneck-trailer and David was drawn like a magnet. "Mr. Bob" said it was okay, and David spent at least an hour over there, chatting away and standing with his best "Grandpa Minota supervising" pose.In other David-news, the insatiable thirst to read has finally kicked in for him. David reads A LOT these days, book after book after book. We got a dozen or so books from the library on Tuesday and he had read through all of them by Wednesday morning. Lately he's been starting his day with breakfast and a stack of books...happiness is!


cj and family said...

Nothing better than a good book with breakfast! :o)

Delighted Hands said...

So fascinating to see the next generation carrying the torch! The books are good for breakfast but where is the toast?!