Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Made it through another day!

This morning I was feeling significantly improved...by this afternoon, I was reminded that it takes a little time for the stamina to return! It took a lot out of me to do school, shower, dress, get all ready, leave the house, do our stuff and then come back home again...things that I hardly think about on a normal day were quite a feat today! Tonight I had to make dinner for the first time since surgery, too. Between my parents cooking and the wonderful ladies at our church bringing a few meals, that has been one task I have been spared. But tonight I made a stir-fry using leftover meat from last night's dinner and fresh peas from my parents' garden. The colors were so lovely (before the meat and stir-fry sauce got added) that I had to take a picture to share. I am very blessed to have two kids who eat just about anything, and lots of it. They happily chowed down the stir-fry, complete with bamboo shoots and water chestnuts. Bruce and I were such horrid eaters as kids that it doesn't seem quite fair to our parents that our kids are such good eaters! We stopped at the library on the way home from piano lessons today so that we could replenish our book supply. David was a trooper; we loaded the books into a backpack and he carried the whole heavy load, since lifting/carrying is still painful for me. A few minutes after we got home, I realized I couldn't hear him (usually a bad sign!), and I found him engrossed in a book, with a bunch more books strewn around him. Happiness is.I also enjoy it, not only because I love to see him read, but also because he's a very loud and high-energy guy, and the only times he's peaceful are while eating, sleeping, and now while reading. He does usually let out a primeval yell in between books, though -- gotta burn off the energy somehow! :) Abigail is still not feeling well. She's not running a fever today, but she only has half a voice, her cough still sounds nasty, and her nose is producing substances that none of you want to read about. She's complained several times today of not feeling well. Our piano teacher kindly let us come early, while her kids were still napping, so that we could get our lesson without contaminating everyone! In this picture, Abigail's rolling her eyes at me for being silly...she's perfected that look lately and usually accompanies it with "Mom!" (pronounced "Mawwwwwm!") I expect we'll have this exchange many times throughout her growing up years. :)


cj and family said...

Days like that always give me a new appreciation for the level of energy the Lord usually blesses me with!

Delighted Hands said...

Glad you were able to enjoy the peas........it looks magazine beautiful! Hope you are all up to snuff soon!

Jess said...

The stir fry needs mushrooms lots and lots of mushrooms.

I'm glad you are feeling better. :)