Thursday, March 12, 2009

"3/4 complete" celebration

Today we completed 3/4 of our school year!
We celebrated by making cookies, frosting them, and sprinkling them on 3/4 of the top. Well, that was the goal, anyway. Some of the sprinkles didn't show the distinction very well, and Abigail didn't like that idea and instead obsessively sprinkled the entire top of her cookies. Oh well, we celebrated -- and that was the main point! Here are the kids (pardon our bedraggled appearance -- it's pre-bath as well as post-long day, sandbox-time, and frosting sampling!), and also some of our "3/4 cookies".


Delighted Hands said...

Oh, will you save me a cookie?! Looks like they need a snuggle from Grandma; stickies and all!

cj and family said...

What a great idea! :o) Congrats!

RaDora said...

where does she get that obsessive personality?