Monday, March 09, 2009

Enjoying our "spring preview"

We hit 80 degrees was so lovely! It sure makes it hard to come inside and get any housework done, though. :) We know it won't last...we'll be cooling back down by the end of the week...but that first really warm stretch of spring is very intoxicating! Abigail and I played together for a while, climbing trees, swinging, riding bike/scooter (don't worry, I was only a spectator/spotter in all those activities!). David was playing with his friends a couple of houses over, which he thoroughly enjoys -- but it leaves Abigail feeling a little bereft without her constant companion...hence me as the playtime buddy. While we played, I took a few pictures of Abigail. As we've said before, we recognize that these are all "simple" activities for most kids, but with Abigail, it's different. It's so amazing to see her use her left arm/leg/hand and to see her whole-body strength and coordination improve.
She's very steady on the swing now; left hand does a great job holding on without trouble.
She's even learning how to pump her legs!She's also learned how to spin around and then ride while the chain untwists (I used to love it as a kid; now even the thought of it makes me feel queasy!!!). I love how her ponytail flies in the pictures!

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Delighted Hands said...

I have a feeling she is going to take a big leap in abilities this summer! Precious pics, thx!