Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sweet "pop" of success!

Any of you who have canned your own food know what sound I mean...the "pop" of a jar sealing! Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear a single pop yesterday, as we all crashed for naps once I got the canning done...but all the jars sealed while I slept, and that's the most important part, whether I hear it or not!!!Abigail has been battling a very high fever, but after last night's Motrin, the fever came down some and has stayed down -- only a low-grade fever this morning. She is one sick little girl! When the meds drop the fever enough, she gets up to play for a few she is yesterday, playing rowboat with a doll.The little bursts of pseudo-energy wear out quickly and then she's right back on the couch. She wants me to sit with her every minute...but I'm thankful for her reading skills, which, as long as I'm nearby, keep her entertained for a good portion of the day. Videos help, too...and of course I sit with her in between chores, too. After David and I woke up from our naps yesterday afternoon (Abigail ended up sleeping for four hours), the ice cream truck came through. We bought our first treat of the summer; here is David eating his Roadrunner treat on the front porch! We bought one for Abigail, too, and thought that surely she'd eat that when she woke up -- but no go! -- at least it will save nicely in the freezer until she's all better. I've been trying to tempt her with all sorts of foods, but nothing worked until I made fresh homemade bread yesterday for dinner -- and she ate three pieces. Phew! As I said in the last post, June has not delivered the kind of days we had originally planned, but we're squeezing good moments even out of our not-so-typical summer, too...and we're thankful to be together, even if we're sick! (...although I must confess to hoping for a healthier July!)


Anonymous said...

So sorry you have been all been so sick. I'm so excited that you are coming for a visit I can hardly contain myself. . Wonder where Daivid gets it !! Love Gram

Delighted Hands said...

Wish I could have had a lick of your Roadrunner, David! Maybe we can get another when we come to visit!