Sunday, February 08, 2009

Early Valentine's Day celebration

Since Bruce and I won't be together on Valentine's Day :( , my darling husband suggested that we celebrate early with a date at home. Although we weren't supposed to exchange gifts, he brought me tulips and truffles (he argued that they didn't count because every woman should get flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day...and I just didn't have the heart to disagree after I saw the name "Lindt" on that bag!). He also very practically pointed out that the flowers are live, which means that I can take them to Florida with me to enjoy. He always has a good argument to support his opinion...he should have been an attorney. :)Last night after the kids went to bed early (as is our custom on Saturday night anyway, since they need the rest before the busyness of our day on Sunday), we got all ready and enjoyed a lovely dinner (filet mignon [with mushrooms for me], Brussels sprouts, and cous cous), complete with candles, our heirloom lace tablecloth that my grandma made for us, our good china, and fancy water goblets. For dessert we had still-warm brownies baked with chopped up Snickers sprinkled on top...yum. We enjoyed good conversation (not a surprise, since, 11 1/2 years after we started dating, we have yet to run out of things to talk about!) and a wonderful time together.My sweet husband even "showed up" for our date dressed up in date attire -- a fun surprise, since I hadn't mentioned to him that I was planning to dress up!We also enjoyed the perks of a date at home in that we both got to wear our slippers, we didn't have to drive home when we were done eating and tired, we spent way less on dinner than we would have if we went out (Kroger had filet on sale this week :)!), we didn't have to pay a babysitter, and when I got cold halfway through the meal, I got to wrap up in a fuzzy blanket while we chatted and ate. :)
Happy (early) Valentine's Day to my beloved... I love you, Bruce!


Debbie Griffin said...

I gasped when I was the name Lindt as well! I love Lindt Lindor truffles more than any other chocolate, too! Good man, that Bruce!

Delighted Hands said...

What a memorable glad for you both!

cj and family said...

What a fun idea! Glad you enjoyed the time alone together :o)