Saturday, February 07, 2009

A shining moment for "leftie"

In our house, having two functioning hands is not something we take for granted. In fact, we speak about one's opposite hand as though it's its own personage, as in: "Abigail, can leftie try?" or, "Abigail, I think leftie wants a turn." It's all part of the therapy that is just a normal part of our daily life, always trying to strengthen her left side. It's always very exciting when she uses leftie to do something that requires concentration and coordination. Yesterday she made finger puppets and then used them to say a little rhyme about buying flowers from the farmer. Nice enough, but the exciting part is that she got them onto leftie all by herself, and look at how well her fingers/thumb are splayed -- and they stayed that way for the whole rhyme! Good job, leftie!!! We thank God for the spitfire-spirit He gave her! Her desire to do things with both hands makes her so much more willing (well, most of the time!) to work with that left side, which not only improves her strength, flexibility, and dexterity, but also builds pathways in her brain that will in turn increase her left side abilities. Go, baby girl, go!!!


Delighted Hands said...

Hooray for Abigail and her leftie!

cj and family said...

Yeah for Abigail! Thanks for the reminder, too, to be thankful for things I all too often DO take for granted!