Thursday, February 26, 2009

Florida trip pictures...part 2

We spent the bulk of our ten days in Florida at my parents' house, while the NY crew (Uncle Chuck, Aunt Connie, Amanda, and Alicia) stayed with my grandparents at their snowbird-house, just a few minutes away from my parents' place. Most days, we moved in slow-motion in the mornings and then congregated in the afternoons. My kids enjoyed the requisite tractor rides with Grandpa...this is one of the main highlights for David any time we go to Florida. My dad lets him actually drive it and has patiently taught David how to operate all the levers etc so that he can work the attachments, too. Besides riding for the fun of it, my dad always has "jobs" lined up for them to do together. As much as David loves it, I'm still not sure who enjoys it more, him or his grandpa!!! And hooray for Abigail, who finally got up the nerve to ride!They also got to help pick oranges to make juice...Below is a typical scene in the afternoons (sans my dad, U. Chuck, and my brothers, who all went golfing). We sat in the sun to talk, laugh, read, knit, eat ice cream, and the kids would buzz around us in nonstop motion. My cousins patiently cater to David's and Abigail's every whim -- they adore my kids and my kids adore them! (Just for the record, I think they need to move closer so they can babysit for us!)One afternoon we walked down to the little park/playground down the road from my grandparents'...And by the end of every day, the kids were thoroughly exhausted, in a good way. Each day was wonderfully full of family and fun! We also enjoyed a visit from Jessica, but again...I didn't take any pictures. *sigh*


cj and family said...

Glad you all had fun! What is it about G'pas and tractors??? :o)

Jess said...

I got some pictures, hehe. Have to post them.

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, we did have a wonderful good time, didn't we?!