Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spring-ish Saturday

After the cold temperatures we've had in the last week or two (don't make fun of me; it was 12 degrees the other morning), being back in the 60s feels wonderful! Yesterday afternoon, I found as many outside jobs as I could because it was too lovely to be inside. :) Today is going to be just as nice...the kids are already outside, and I'll be heading out there later this afternoon, after I finish some laundry, packing, and other trip-prep (the kids and I are heading to Florida early Tuesday morning). Spring in of the reasons we love the South!!!
(...a word of encouragement to those of you in the north...the robins have been in our yard every evening, as is their custom every year on their spring migration, so they're on their way up to you!)


Delighted Hands said...

I hope we can heat it up for you !

Debbie Griffin said...

Keep sending those Robins this direction! It's 40 today and we're basking in the warmth! It will be back in the teens before long though, so we're soaking it in while we can!