Monday, February 09, 2009

Countdown Day

Today is one of THOSE days...that day before a trip when one suddenly realizes that there is still so much yet to be done...the day when one needs to go to bed early to prepare for waking up early to leave "in the 5s" tomorrow morning (in order to beat most of the Atlanta morning rush), and yet the day when one inevitably stays up way too late, frantically finishing "just one more thing" before leaving. The day when one must try not to think about being away from one's husband for ten days...because that's too sad to think about...instead, focusing on all of the much-loved but usually far-away family that will be visited in the next ten days. My next post should be from Florida!

1 comment:

Delighted Hands said...

Can't wait-Bruce, you could come, too! Are you here yet?!!!!!!!!