Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A wedding...and my little brother's the groom?!

Yesterday we got the invitation to Jared and Krystle's wedding...it was so strange to see it in print -- my brother getting married! The invitations are lovely...I know this isn't a great rendering of it, but we don't have a scanner hooked up to the computer, so I just took a picture of it.

We have our plane tickets, rental car, hotel room, etc...now we're just anxious to go for this special day...and I know they are more anxious than we are. Jared proposed on April 1st of last year and they are both sick to death of the preparation and waiting -- all of us who have gotten married know that feeling from the last month before the wedding!

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shannon said...

Very nice! My mom just showed me theirs yesterday. You should put the picture up too! :)