Monday, April 16, 2007

This is not a job for the faint of heart...

Today was one of those days when I look at my children and wonder where my darlings went, and what monsters are inhabiting their bodies?! They spent the whole day being grouchy and naughty and not very sorry about it! I am glad I started off my day by asking the Lord to help all that I did in the day ahead to be done in love...little did I know then how much my resolve was going to be tested!!! One funny story from the day, though...we were grocery shopping and had to walk in front of an older gentleman to get the item we needed. On the way back through, David (Bill's grandson through and through!) had to stop and talk to the guy, and tell him about the big plane we're going to take to Uncle Jared's wedding, etc etc. About that time, apparently the gentlemen needed to...ahem...break wind, which resulted in David promptly plugging his nose and declaring, "Peeee-yew! Something smells stinky!" I was left to try to usher him quickly out of the aisle, all the while trying to hush him, while he kept trying to explain to me (rather loudly, of course) that something smelled bad. The look on his face was complete innocence -- he was not trying to be precocious, he just wanted me to know what was going on...! Motherhood...definitely not a job for the faint of heart!

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