Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our house had a makeover!



Our previously pinkish-beigish-neutral colored house is now a medium gray with white trim and deep plum accents (front door and shutters). After much deliberation, hours spent poring over our Sherwin-Williams color deck, dozens of phone calls to my brother Matthew (our resident SW guy), two visits to SW stores, one visit for color-matching purposes to another store (that shall remain unnamed), eight SW color-to-go samples painted on boards and moved around the house many times, and hundreds of reminders to myself that I was NOT going to stress over the decision, we have EXACTLY what I pictured when we started this venture!
I am SO happy with the results.
Thanks for all of your help and patience, Matthew...!
...more pictures in our photo gallery.

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shannon said...

Hey! This is the first time I am ever seeing a picture of your house! Very nice! Great color choice, also. I have always like a blue-gray house with white trim & the accent color goes great too! :)