Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just two "ninutes"

Abigail was negotiating some outside time today and told me she wanted to go outside for "one ninute". When she saw that the outlook was favorable, she quickly amended to "I want go outside for TWO ninutes!" Besides the fact that kids' mispronunciations are just plain cute, we love that her vocabulary is such that she can express the time concept, even if it's a little off. :-) The fluid in her ear, by the way, has now progressed to an ear she's on antibiotic. Hopefully it will all clear up before we fly next month...besides the fact that we are anxious to have her back to two hearing aids. She and Bruce stayed home from church tonight, but David and I went. We played pirate ship all the way home -- i.e. our car was the pirate ship and we had to escape the bad guys -- we had a blast! Who knew a twenty-minute drive could be so much fun?! One of the things we love about parenting young kids is that, if you take the time to slow down to their pace, it keeps you fun and reminds you how exciting the little things in life can be!

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