Wednesday, April 11, 2007

David's hearing surprises all of us

At yesterday's hearing check, we were flabbergasted to find that the hearing in one of David's ears showed huge improvement -- the loss is now mild/moderate (no longer severe)! The other ear was pretty much stable.

On the one hand, we always have rather mixed feelings with a report like this, because until we get their implants, we are riding the roller coaster of the unknown. At the same time, we know that the longer they have their natural hearing, the better/easier it is for them, so we are grateful for this report. Besides, with their uncle's wedding only a month away, now is not the time that we want them to be implanted!

This improvement may just last for a week or two, or it may be semi-permanent -- there's no way to know -- that's the joy of LVAS.

We were unable to test Abigail's hearing due to fluid in her ear, so she is re-scheduled for April 26th.

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