Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A few observations from daily life

A five year old and a three year old can make a royal mess in the short time it takes their mother to switch laundry loads.

A five year old can spend three times as long explaining why he can't pick up the mess as it actually takes him to just do it.

A white dog will find (and roll in) EVERY patch of wet gray paint left in the yard, and it takes an as-yet-unknown amount of time for it to wear off.

When the freezer dies, the food inside starts to smell funny in a very short amount of time.

When a quiet moment of escape is needed, but there is no "good" chocolate in the house, a square of baker's chocolate will suffice!
(Graphics courtesy of www.patswebgraphics.com )


Debbie Griffin said...

one of those days, heh?!? Pastor Albert's visiting us for the next day or two...he brought Eliot Brown up to check out Northland...can you believe Eliot, Dan Sheridan, Heather Todd, and Matthew Needham are all graduating? My how time flies! :-) hang in there...our kiddos will be graduating before WE know it...or at least that's what everyone keeps telling me!

Anonymous said...

I remember partaking in Dove chocolates with you at good ole' SD on 5th Ave. There is nothing quite like dark chocolate to sooth frazzled nerves! =)