Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

Last Friday night was a Mother's Day banquet at our church. The theme was "The Hats Women Wear", so after much deliberation, we decided to wear princess crowns together. Abigail (like most other little girls) is fascinated by princesses, so lately we have been teaching her about how it's fun to be pretty on the outside, but God says it's more important that He makes our hearts beautiful...and since our Heavenly Father is the King of kings, that means we are His it seemed appropriate that we combine our spiritual lessons with our fun theme...hence our princess crowns! (matching skirts by my mom)Saturday we all went to Lowe's together and I used my birthday money to buy plants and flowers for around the house. When we got home, Bruce finished tilling the garden, David did some repair work on a couple of holes the dumb dog had dug, and I worked on planting my new stuff (pictures to follow in a separate post). Then we planted the garden together. This was the first year that Abigail was really "into" planting the garden, which was really exciting to see!
Planting okra (by special request!)
After church on Sunday we used the gift card my grandparents had given us for Christmas and went out to dinner at Olive Garden (Ravioli Portobello with white sauce for me -- yum!!!), then spent a leisurely afternoon/evening together (our pastor canceled evening services so that everyone could have extra family time).
My mom made us these coordinating outfits -- thanks, Mom! -- David was so excited to match the girls and I am going to enjoy that as long as I possibly can, since the days for that are probably numbered! (notice the silk , too!)
Me and my dear husband...I am so thankful to be his wife and the mother of his children!


Delighted Hands said...

So nice to be able to share the family time with you-thanks!

Debbie Griffin said...

Have you seen the little girl Christian videos about Gi-Gi, God's Princess? Way too cute and right along these lines! Have I told you about these before?

Anonymous said...

You all look so sharp!

cj and family said...

What a special weekend! :O) Thanks for sharing.