Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I got spoiled by RaDora, too...she just got back from a trip to India by way of London, and she brought me a luscious chocolate-colored silk from India and a lovely gray pashmina from London (made in India)...this picture just doesn't do them justice...And I just realized that I never posted pictures of souvenirs from RaDora's last trip, so here they are. She went to Costa Rica, and she brought Bruce & me a very cool trivet made from all different kinds of woods, and for the kids, a nifty little wooden frog. You use the stick (whoops, not in the picture) to rub on the frog's back and it actually sounds like a ribbet!
Thank you, RaDora -- we love you, too!


Jess said...

What will you do with the silk???? Tell RaDora she needs to start a blog of her own so we can see pictures of her adventures. India? Costa Rica? We need pictures.

Delighted Hands said...

Good idea to have her blog her adventures! I love the silk-did you 'silk' it , daughter?!!!
It is beautiful!