Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hearing checks...birthday celebration

Yesterday we had hearing checks...David's hearing was very stable this month (which is unusual for him!)...Abigail had very significant drops across the board in both ears. After hearing checks, we went out to dinner with RaDora. The kids enjoyed some good spoiling from Miss RaDora (Aunt RaDora?!), which they thoroughly enjoyed. They got quarters to play arcade games, quarters for treats from the gumball machines, a birthday cake complete with candles (the kids were really impressed that the candles were numbers), birthday cards and money, and lots of hugs. At one point, David exclaimed, "This is the best Tuesday ever!!!" :)
RaDora kept the cake a secret until after dinner, then had the kids close their eyes while the waitress brought it out...
The kids had a little trouble only licking frosting and both of them got mouthfuls of wax!!!

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Delighted Hands said...

Who would have thought the Lord could provide such a friend? Looks like a wonderful time!