Sunday, May 03, 2009

Random pictures from the last couple of weeks

Here's a picture from last Sunday of Abigail looking like Ingeborg (a character in one of my favorite book series!).~
At our puppet show field trip, Bruce looked up and noticed something fun on one of the puppets hanging from the ceiling...Can you see it? Here's a close up...Considering our interest in Sherwin-Williams, we were delighted to see evidence of its use at the Puppetry Center...and we couldn't resist the plug for our favorite paint! :) ~
While we were in Florida for our Minota family vacation, my sister-in-law Krystle gave me a French manicure/pedicure. :) I've gotten several compliments on the cool silver sparkles! The manicure is long gone, but the pedicure still looks pretty good! Here are my feet at the Gulf beach the other day...

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