Friday, August 01, 2008

Last days of summer fun

Yesterday we played on the Slip-n-Slide...

Abigail liked it this year (last year she refused to go on it), but she still went down 'like a girl' -- daintily scootching her way down to the bottom and easing into the pool instead of flinging herself down with abandon and plowing into the pool like David does -- I understand completely!

And to top off the morning's water fun, we ended the day by playing outside in the rain...a friend stopped by to visit with me and while she was here, it started to rain -- a downpour kind of rain -- but there was no thunder or we took the kids outside and played for a while, stomping puddles and running around, until we were all soaked and shivering! We came inside for dry clothes and hot chocolate...nothing like packing lots of summer fun into the last few summer-vacation days!


Delighted Hands said...

I am glad you know how to have fun-it is an art!

Anonymous said...

Your doing something with the children that money can't buy and parents today have forfeited and will pay the price.Keep up the good parenting because there is great joy in it and the return is awesome.