Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our very own hayfield

A couple of weeks ago, our lawnmower died...I got on the phone with our family expert (my dad!) who walked me through how to take it apart and what to look for, but there was nothing I could find. Bruce and his dad have each had a quick go at it, too, but it appears to be something that is not in the quick-fix category! Both of our family expert-mechanics are currently unavailable (one is in NY, and one is in FL pouring concrete for the foundation of his new addition -- I can't understand why they won't just pop over to help me?! :) ) The lawnmower repair place down the road is several weeks behind due to demand.
So in the meantime our lawn had grown to jungle status and we realized that we were going to have to do something in the interim, so I found a neighbor whose son cuts lawns and they came and whipped everything into shape this past weekend. The back lawn was so thick and tall that it looked like a cut hayfield out there after they were done. (Literally.) We need to rake up all of the clippings -- and David wasted no time in getting the job started. He went at it with the rake and actually raked up a pretty good-sized pile. Abigail ran around grabbing handfuls and carrying them over to David's pile. They're good workers when they set their mind to it!!!


Delighted Hands said...

Grandpa says that the mower places in NY are swamped, too; people are finally finding that it is cheaper to repair than buy new...about time we stopped buying disposable equipment! Glad you found help!

Anonymous said...

You need a horse to take care of it. Wouldn't the kids and their mom love that?