Thursday, August 28, 2008

Glimpses of the man to come

David recently asked his daddy for some extra jobs to earn extra money towards the toy he's saving up to buy. Today he decided to tackle one of those jobs -- pulling the old cornstalks out of the garden in preparation for planting the fall garden. It truly was hard, hot work, but he stuck to it and finished the whole job, even without me right next to him for moral support (I kept peeking from the kitchen window!). When he came in, he was covered in dirt, he was so sweaty that his hair was dripping, and he could hardly put one foot in front of the other! Besides the money he earned, I also rewarded him as men both big and small like most of all -- a big dinner (after bath, of course)! My sweet little man -- he's growing up so fast...!
Abigail, meanwhile, decided that she would help her big brother.
She got off to a great start.
By the next time I looked out the window, she was quite a few feet away, intently studying the sky.

The next time I looked, she was all the way over at the fort,

calling, "Here I am, David!"

(Hey, everybody needs a cheerleader, right?!)

And very shortly thereafter, she was inside the house,

lying quietly on the kitchen floor.

(I'm not entirely sure if she liked the coolness of the tiles
or if she just thought I wouldn't notice her there!)

Hey, at least they won't both grow up in one fell swoop.

For that, I am grateful!


Anonymous said...

Good job David
Groovy Grandpa

Delighted Hands said...

David, I could see your muscles while you were working! Great work, grandson.

Jeanette said...

That's great! Good job, David. So I am curious what toy he wanted?! I try to get mine to "work" for money. All I get is whining!