Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome to high-speed, Grandma!

Something noteworthy has happened this grandma is now hooked up to the Internet via high-speed!!! When they got their first computer a few years ago, there was quite a bit of trepidation...but Grandma has been very brave, and after many instructions, many try-and-try-again sessions, and quite a few threats to the computer of throwing it into the river if it didn't cooperate, my grandmother has become very web-and-email savvy and I am very proud of her!!! (Grandpa is happy to let Grandma do the computer part and then fill him in on the details, and that's okay, too -- especially since he is very, very patient with our near-addiction-need to be connected across the miles via the Internet!!!) Welcome to high speed, Grandma -- hope you're enjoying the blog even more now that it doesn't take eons to load it! -- and we're glad that we can share our everyday lives with you in even this small way!

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Delighted Hands said...

I heard that Grandpa has looked up a tractor part on line so even that might be changing with the new connection!