Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Long day...but here are our updates

My apologies for this rather annoyingly-long post... This morning started out bright and early with David's dentist appt to get one small filling. It went quickly and easily. Not too long after we got home, we headed back out...we went to pick up a copy of x-rays Abigail had done of her torso last month. We had to take that copy over to her orthopaedic doctor way across town (more about that in a minute). On the way, since we had some extra time, I stopped at Goodwill to see if I could find any good buys on fall clothes for the kids (and we did!). There's a lot of junk there...but also a lot of nice stuff if one has the time to look! Abigail saw the orthopaedic dr today not only for her CP followup (everything related to that looked good) but also because in early June, while Bruce was helping Abigail change her shirt, he noticed that one of her left ribs was very prominent. (good catch, Daddy!) I took her to the pediatrician, who sent us for an x-ray, and the dx came back as scoliosis, so her ped. recommended that we follow up sooner with the ortho (we usually see him in the fall). Well, long story short, Abigail's left leg is significantly shorter than her right leg (as in, almost one inch shorter), which is causing her spine to curve. I have one leg that is about 1/2 inch shorter than the other, but that 1/2 inch in relation to my 72 inches of height is much less significant than Abigail's one inch to her 33/34 (?) inches of height. The plan is to add some more padding in her left shoe, thereby compensating for the shorter leg with the goal of straightening her spine. In the meantime, they will closely watch the left leg growth to make sure that it makes progress and does not worsen. We will implement the extra padding immediately and then go back to see the dr in six months. We are so thankful that the Lord blessed Abigail with a spitfirey, nothing-can-stop-me, determined approach to life, because she sure has a plateful of challenges to deal with! We made it home tonight just in time to wolf dinner, change clothes, and head into church for prayer meeting. Bruce was unable to be there because he has client meetings down by the airport today and tomorrow and was still at the mtg until late tonight. So...on the way home from church, I decided to be spontaneous and so I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the pool at night. Any of you who know us know that we are almost never even up late, let alone out late, so the kids had no idea that the pool was even open at night! They were thrilled with the daring invitation, mesmerized by the pool lights, and had a blast swimming when it was dark outside, not to mention going to bed at almost-ten o'clock! Even though we're all very tired out, I was really glad that we took the opportunity for this special end-of-summer adventure! (Sorry not to have any pictures...I thought the camera was in the car, but I was mistaken...) Now I am supposed to be asleep, but I don't like to go to bed before my husband is home safe and I will go poke around for a while until he gets here. :)


Delighted Hands said...

Good for you to be a daring mother-I can see the sparkle in all your eyes at swimming that late!

Good news on Abigail, really, glad that you can assist her with the brace lift right away! The Lord allows each obstacle but gives grace all along the way!

Anonymous said...

Those children sure are blessed with you and Bruce for parents!Love to you all, Gram

Jess said...

Night swimming is even more fun with your husband. Not that I would know, I'm not very daring. (wink)

Anonymous said...

Not only did the Lord bless Abigail with her spitfire personality, he truly blessed her with parents like you. Both you and Bruce certainly set an example for her to follow.

I'm glad you enjoyed the night swim. I love how peaceful it is when we sometimes do that.

Love, Aunt Con