Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy days again...and sneaking in some fun, too!

Yesterday we left the house at 9:30 a.m. and didn't get back until 5:30 p.m. In that time, we saw a new neurologist for Abigail (she is monitored for her CP). Good report there; this was a new dr and we liked him; he thinks we are doing everything we should be for her and so we will see him for another check-up in four months.

Next we visited my sister-in-law (who got to go home today! ...the baby will stay in the hospital for another week or so).

Then we went to Pearle Vision because Abigail's prescription has changed again, but in both eyes this time. They were very gracious and let us replace both lenses at the warranty price instead of full price -- wow!!! We have been really pleased with their customer service thus far and this is just another reason why!

After that, Abigail had 1 1/2 hours of OT, during which David and I drove a couple of miles down the road to visit a great store, Homeschool Hangout. I got a records book that I wanted as well as a workbook for Abigail and a few reading books for both kids to share. It's a great store in many ways -- atmosphere, inventory, "networking" potential, reasonable prices, knowledgeable staff, etc. (I must admit that it was also rather nice to be somewhere where our education choice was the norm instead of the eyebrows-raising exception!)

Today was a fun morning -- despite the fact that I got up early to start a new exercise routine (blah)! -- we went early for piano lessons and then Danielle and I took our kids to the library for their summer's-end puppet show. Afterwards we ate a picnic lunch in the atrium and then let the kids pick new books.

When that was done, we jumped in the car to head down to Scottish Rite to have Abigail's leg brace adjusted (it was digging in terribly, which is a normal side effect of a growth spurt -- as her foot grows, the brace has to be reshaped in some places to allow for the new fit -- it's great that her left foot is experiencing significant growth!). While we were there, Abigail complained that her HA wasn't working...after changing batteries twice (which didn't help), the sound quality was still affected, so we headed to another part of the campus to see RaDora. While we waited for her for a while (since we weren't on the schedule!), I figured out that the problem wasn't the HA itself, but a buildup of wax in the ear mold tube...so RaDora cleaned it in their ultrasonic cleaner and it's all better. She also gave me a cool little tool that will allow me to clean it out without her help next time.

And now we're home. We're all anxiously awaiting dinnertime so that we can eat and go to bed! What a week so far...I think we need a long winter's nap!

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Delighted Hands said...

Wish I was with you to help with all your car time. I feel like I haven't seen the kids in forever-