Thursday, July 17, 2008

Visit to the dentist

Yesterday we visited the dentist -- it was just a regular check-up for David, but it was Abigail's very first time at the dentist (and no cavities!). Thankfully, she was very brave for the whole helps to have David (who is a trooper about anything), because Abigail watches her big brother and follows his lead. It also helps that she has grown up a lot in the last several months. She handles things much more maturely than she did not too long ago. (Well, okay, most things. She had to have some nasty stuff removed from her ear canal at the ENT yesterday and she screamed bloody murder the whole time! In her defense, though, it was the end of an exhausting, physically taxing day...and she is still having some residual pain from that outer ear infection, so I'm sure it hurt a bit, too.)
In the way of big news for David, the dentist noticed that he has two loose teeth (bottom center)! He got his teeth so late (first tooth the week of his first birthday) that I assumed he'd lose them late, too, so I haven't been looking for it, but lo and behold! ...another sign that our little boy is no longer little!

We had hearing checks yesterday, and both kids were mostly stable with some improvements. Good news, especially after last month's big drops.

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Delighted Hands said...

What good news-great job in the dentist chairs, kids! Abigail, glad you were so brave and David-you are growing up too fast!