Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well, my ankle really hurts much for my "all better in the morning" plan! I went and bought an Ace brace for it, which does help relieve the pain some, but otherwise I just have to keep trucking and pretend it doesn't hurt! Unfortunately, it's my right ankle, on the front of the ankle, and the motion that hurts most is flexing up and down, so driving is very unpleasant. The really bad part, though? My right foot is also my sewing foot -- the one I use to push the foot pedal -- bummer! ...but I am pushing through the pain to clean house and drive to appointments, so perhaps I will go ahead and squeeze a little sewing in dspite the pain, too!

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Anonymous said...

Jared than you! Whats with the ankles this week? Hope you are doing better.