Monday, April 14, 2008

Missing my husband...and the laptop!

Bruce is on a business trip to Arizona, and he took the laptop with him, which leaves me with the corrupted (read: possessed) desktop computer...sometimes it cooperates but most of the time it freezes, gets hung up, and performs other similarly annoying computer tricks. But I will try to post anyway -- we shall see! And yes, I do miss Bruce more than I miss the laptop...I will definitely kiss him first at the airport late Wednesday night, although I may try sneak in an inconspicuous hug for the laptop a little later when nobody's looking!!! :) Other than Abigail's pink-eye, the kids and I are doing fine. We like it much better when Bruce is home, of course, but we fare well on our own when we need to do so. We are all good company for each other and we enjoy the opportunity for "contraband" dinners...that is, food that isn't really "guy" food, that we don't usually eat on weeknights when Bruce is home!

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