Monday, April 14, 2008

Glimpses of Abigail

Here is Abigail wearing her "pirate patch" (and holding up her new princess pajamas, which she insisted had to be in the picture) -- she is such a big girl about it and it's going very well. We have a routine that makes it fairly stressless for her since she knows what to expect every day, and it helps that she gets to choose which patch-design she wants, too! On a side note, click here for the website from which we ordered her eye patches. We're really happy with them.

A few more Abigail-isms of late:

~Lately whenever Bruce or I tell her she's silly, she says (in a rather affronted manner) "I am NOT silly. I'm serious."

~On Saturday, she learned how to pedal a tricycle!!! This is a real feat for her since this skill requires constant whole-body involvement.

~This morning after she weighed herself (just for the fun of it), she proceeded to try weighing individual parts of her body, including her chin and her hair!

~She is learning the joys of plurals and adds "es" to most words to make them plural -- this is one of my favorites! -- so she talks about "birdses" and "spotses" etc. It's so cute.

~She had her four-year old checkup on Thursday and, for the first time ever, she did not begin screaming at the word "shot" -- we talked about it very reasonably and then she was very brave for all three shots -- she's growing up and it's showing in so many ways!

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Delighted Hands said...

Oh, I am glad I only have 46 hours to wait for a hug! Make sure your weather cooperates so we can spend time outside!