Wednesday, March 05, 2008

End of an era

Speaking of death and pets, yesterday the last pet of our childhood was 'laid to rest' parents' poodle, Fifi, was the last pet they still had that was part of our family back when we were all kids. She was a stray that adopted us (how else do you think we would have ended up with a little poodle?!) back when I was still a teenager. We always joked that she kissed Bruce before I did...early in Bruce's and my friendship, she hopped up on Bruce's lap and gave him a big ole kiss right on the lips, which of course grossed him out! (and no, when my turn came, I did not get the same response!!!)

Fifi has been deaf and blind for years now, and gradually getting a little senile, but lately she has really been going downhill, and I was aware during this last visit to my parents' that it was probably the last visit with the old girl...but I hadn't expected to feel the pang that I did when I heard the news. Loss, at any level, is just plain sad.

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Delighted Hands said...

The suitcase is out to come and visit you and she is not here to be worrying that she might be left behind...........