Monday, March 17, 2008

Day of tornadoes, torrential rain, and hail

Saturday was a day of adventure here...any of you who keep up on national weather know that on Friday night, a tornado ripped through downtown Atlanta (from which we are far removed), but then Saturday, line after line of severe storms (which kept throwing off tornadoes) swept over us. We took shelter in the basement four times, got lots of torrential rain -- there was a little river running from our driveway across the yard into the drainage ditch -- and a few bouts of increasingly large hail. Folks from our church who live about 15 minutes away from us got hail the size of golf balls and larger -- lots of home and vehicle damage. Our hail wasn't that big, but it was still big enough to make us very grateful that both of our cars (and especially Bruce's new one!) were safely ensconced in the garage!!! Below are a few pictures of our exciting day...I wanted to get video of the hail bouncing all over the yard, but Bruce wouldn't let me go out and get video in the midst of the tornadoes. :-)

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