Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We have a winner!

Of all of the klutzy things I have done in my life (and they are a countless multitude), this one may take the cake. Yesterday I was curling my eyelashes (which I have done for years without incident), and I have no idea what happened, but somehow my hand jerked away from my eye without letting go of the eyelash curler and I managed to yank out a huge chunk of the upper lashes on my right eye. Of all the stupid, klutzy things to do...!

Below, a picture of my eyes for your enjoyment at my expense. Hey, what benefit is there in moments like this if we don't laugh about it?!
Does anyone know how long it takes for eyelashes to grow back?!

1 comment:

Debbie Griffin said...

Yes...I must admit that this probably does take the cake of all the things I know about you! :-) I have no idea how long it takes for eyelashes to grow, but I guess you'll be finding out, heh? Be sure to let us know! :-)