Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Plan B for Bruce

Surprise! The hole in Bruce's heart is too big for any of the devices they had here -- it's a really big hole! -- another hospital in the area has two that are bigger, so they will get them and try again tomorrow. Bruce's cardiologist is unavailable tomorrow, but the doctor who is head of the Emory Cardiology Dept. will be doing the surgery, so we are in good hands...and we already know that we have been in the best hands all along -- our heavenly Father's. Bruce is doing okay considering -- he is tired out and his color is pasty, but he is settled into his room in the ICU and we are waiting to hear when tomorrow's start time will be. He is experiencing some bleeding at the cath site, but so far it is under control. So please keep praying!

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Liz said...

you are in our prayers!