Friday, July 27, 2007

Feeling sentimental

Today is the last weekday of the last summer
that my children are all little.
David starts school on Monday...from here on out, I will have a school-age (or older!!!) child. Our days of having only little ones are at their end. I am excited that he is old enough to start kindergarten, and he is REALLY excited. He keeps trying to talk me into starting sooner... may his enthusiasm for school never waiver!
It's just a little sad that
my days of having only little ones are ending!
The end of this era in our lives...


Greta said...

Before I came to read your blog this morning, I sent you an email. In light of this post I think you will really appreciate it. They grow up so fast!

Debbie Griffin said...

Are you teaching him at home or is he going off to school? I'm sure I will be such a baby the day school starts for our kids...I've cried just thinking about it!