Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kids' magazine recommendation

Just thought I'd share this on my blog since many of you have young children...and what mom (or aunt, grandma, etc) isn't always on the lookout for good ideas?!

We just got the latest issue of this magazine and we all enjoyed it as much as we always do. The kids snuggle on either side of me and we read it cover to cover...the kids have yet to lose interest before we finish the whole thing, and we even enjoy doing the little recipe and projects in each issue.

I loved the regular Highlights magazine as a kid, but it's still a bit over my kids' heads, so when I stumbled on this one (it just premiered this year) I was thrilled. It's geared towards ages 2-6 and has the same fun components as Highlights (e.g. Hidden Pictures), but simplified for littler ones.

Click here to see their website; it's also available through Amazon.

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