Monday, July 30, 2007

David's first day of school

David did great for his first day of school! He was so excited to start and wanted me to do more when we were done! Today was only 1 1/2 hours, but over this next week they will add more subjects each day until we are at full-load. (On a side note, for those of you in the North who think I'm insane for starting school in July, schools in our county start Aug. 6th. I started one week early so that we can take a week off in August for a family trip to NY.)

We have decided to homeschool, and we are using A Beka video school, so the teacher (and her class) are on video, and I sit nearby to monitor David and help him when needed. He just loved it and soaked it all up, and did very well paying attention and following instructions.

We have a direct feed system (Campus SX FM system) so that the audio routes directly to his left hearing aid (in addition to the regular volume from the television), which really helps him pick up on all of the nuances that he might otherwise miss. I wasn't sure how he would do with the phonics, but he heard it all just fine and did wonderfully (hooray!).

Abigail -- as we expected -- considers herself to be in school just like David and sat for almost the entire thing this morning. She watched for a while to see what David did, and by the end of the lessons, when the teacher would call for the girls or for the students at home to say something, Abigail would pipe right up with the answer. These two are sure going to keep me on my toes!

Congratulations, David, on being in Kindergarten!!!


Bruce said...


Great job, big guy! I love you and am very proud of how well you did in your first day of school.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you look so grown up sitting at your desk! What a wonderful time you will have at school! We are proud of you-G & G 'Nota

Anonymous said...

Abigail, we are so happy to see you sitting and learning, too. Your big brother can teach you how to do well in school so be sure and help him to do right. We are proud of you , too!
Love, G and G Minota

Tracy said...

Hey, I am enjoying looking through your blog. We live in NY and don't start school (home school) until my husband starts teaching (public school) which isn't until the fist week in September! It does seem early to start to me, but I bet you get out early.

My middle son has hearing issues and has been told he needs hearing aids and an FM(?) system (when he was still in school) He has trouble filtering out sound with any other noise going on at the same time. We have (to this point) chosen NOT to do the hearing aids because he did so well in school and is now home with me. He is learning to compensate and I still don't know if that is the right choice, it is what we are doing for now. I hear the A Beka videos are great!

Lisa J. said...

Hi again!
Have fun with homeschooling. My little ones are close in age to yours. We used abeka (not dvd) for kindergarten. I love watching and participating in how my daughter learned - amazing!
Lisa J